Top 10 Best Video Conferencing Apps For 2019

Throughout the past 50 years, new innovations like mobile phones, Internet and the personal computers have empowered organizations to change from neighborhood shops to worldwide substances. In order to overcome the long time business travel, telephone calls were developed to accelerate the discussion to help and assist basic leadership, yet there was a cost for the human association.

Today, we live in a world brimming with choices with regards to communication. Fax machines and work area telephones still exist, yet when the message matters, we as a whole realize that seeing somebody eye to eye is the most ideal approach to interface. Furthermore, this made ready for Video conferencing development.

best video conferencing apps 2019

The traditional method implemented for meetings and conferencing was confined within the four walls, whereas after the evolution of video conferencing technology, you can interact with the clients at anytime and at any place, which helps you to promote the business to the next level at a low cost. Generally, with video conferencing innovation, call quality and unwavering quality were top needs. Presently innovation is progressively broad as a large number of providers create good picture quality, sound and in general dependable communication.


Advantages of video conferencing technology

  • Makes the communication faster and cheaper
  • Promotes flexible services rather than confined communication process.
  • Enables the key decisions to reach among the clients, all over the world.
  • It is the most easiest and reliable way to discuss ideas and make them grow in a wide manner
  • It helps to connect people more effectively and develop the communication in a reliable manner.


 Uses of Video conferencing apps

  • Business meeting
  • Conference calls
  • Seminar and webinar presentations
  • Educational meeting
  • Group discussion


Best Video conferencing Apps

To make the Company meeting and conference efficient and reliable, a wide platform of video conferencing apps are available at your disposal. This article suggests you with few best video conferencing apps.

1. Zoom

It’s difficult to experiment the best with a wide scope of video conferencing applications and not leave away inspired with Zoom. It’s the gathering video call application that, generally works awesome. The most important thing is, it works incredible. In Spite of your poor web connection, Zoom ordinarily will enhance your video up—however now and then at a diminished high quality dimension. This application empowers quick adoption with meeting abilities that make it simple to begin, join, and work together over any gadget.



  • It allows you to screen share on any digital gadgets such as Windows, iPod, Apple etc,.
  • It provides and supports the best quality conference call with its adorable features.



2. Skype for Business

The best video conferencing apps which boosts and increase the productivity and quality of your business meetings. Skype for Business provides and supports you with it’s upgraded version required to gear up your business. It is one of the best applications that that gives you a great return over your investment.


  • Provides icons and tools for audio and video calling.
  • You can send, receive and review the messages over the conference devices via network or Internet protocol facilities


3. Join me

This tool accompanies a cool component called whiteboarding, which enables individuals to perceive what you’re putting onto virtual paper continuously, making for powerful coordinated effort. is an electronic coordinated collaboration programming application for screen-sharing and online gatherings. If you are in a rush to setup  a gathering of individuals who all have diverse talk customers, and who would prefer not to experience lengthy procedure to interface, at that point, Join.Me is the one-stop arrangement you are searching for.



  • It is the best user friendly application for video conferencing
  • It is best suited for all PC’s, laptops and other window digital devices.


4. BlueJeans

BlueJeans consolidates basic, simple to-use applications which supports for a wide scope of gadgets so you can begin a call from your PC, let associates go along with it from portable or Linux gadgets, and stream it to your gathering room so everybody can participate. Participate in video, sound and web gatherings crosswise over cell phones, work areas, and room frameworks. Experience HD video and sound controlled by BlueJeans with Dolby Voice. BlueJeans video conferencing application is the predecessor for all video conferencing applications and still remains the best with its charming and dependable features.



  • It is the cloud video network for productive business communications.
  • It incorporates video calling, audio calling and live streaming with high dimension quality.


Best video conferencing Apps of 2019

As web connection is getting less expensive and quicker with new 3G and 4G innovation, clearly, more individuals are keen on utilizing their cell phones for video talk. Consolidating innovation has made us a few steps away from grimacing to-confront discussion anyplace whenever.


5. Wechat

This video chat application is more popular and predominant among those users who prefer video chatting most often. This application incorporates with various features, which enables you to chat and talk at the same time. It is gained a huge user base in the recent months of 2018 and rated as the best video chat app.



  • This application provides confidentiality over your personal data.
  • Supports best quality to connect with the people, all over the world.


6. Tango

The new emerging video chat application of 2018 is being more predominant with the current generation who loves face to face communication via online. It supports free video chatting facility and live streaming for all Android and IOs users. This application would best suit for sending and receiving messages instantly in no time.



  • Supports for both Android and IOs users.
  • It provides quick access to switch between video and voice calls with no intermission.


7. Google duo

Google duo video conferencing application is the new and innovative initiative by Google, which ranks in the top lists of 2018 on gaining a huge range of user base. This is the simple application which allows you to see and communicate with each other over the internet. This app is designed in such a manner that supports all version of Android users.



  • It provides cross-platform communications with both the Android and IOs users.
  • Despite the poor network communication, the video quality is good and reliable.



8. Hangouts

Hangouts video chat application is another new initiative by Google, which supports you to connect and communicate with multi persons at a time. The instant video conferencing feature from Google Hangouts allows you to make the business meetings and conference more productive. It is ranked to be the best video chat app, because it is safe to use and download.



  • Signing into a new account is not needed and allows you to group chat with many people at a time.
  • It supports both Android and IOs devices.


Final Words

More individuals are effectively accessed  and reached utilizing video conferencing. Due to this innovation data and information are regularly scattered at increasingly fast rates, and the relation between individuals happens all the more eagerly and openly. So begin video conferencing in your best work and raise your reality simple and free.